Large-scale analysis and simulation

We regularly assist Rambøll with various consultancy services within high-performance computing, including large-scale analysis and simulation, as well as internal activities or solutions carried out for their own customers.

As we are familiar with Rambøll’s systems, organization and business processes, we are often contracted to carry out activities for which Rambøll is unable to assign the necessary internal resources.


Cloud-based infrastructure

As an external consultant for Nicehair.dk, Versio assisted with the migration of the online boutique’s webshop from a traditional hosting platform to a cloud-based infrastructure. This solution utilizes several cloud services, including an e-mail gateway, load balancing and database hosting.

When the company launches a large campaign, we are able to scale these services up, enabling a ten-fold increase in traffic capacity… within minutes.


Intuitive and user-friendly booking system

In partnership with the Knowledge and Exhibition Center (Økolariet), located in Vejle, Versio developed a tailor-made booking system for use by institutions within the Municipality of Vejle and other institutions outside the region.

The system is a simple, intuitive and user-friendly system that handles tasks, such as the administration of teachers, meeting rooms and training. The system can also be accessed via smartphone and tablet.


Online archive with effective search functionality

To accompany Esbjerg Museum’s ‘Historical collection from the Occupation during the Second World War’ (HSB) online archive, Versio was tasked with developing the website, illegalpresse.dk. The customer required an online archive of illegal articles written by the Danish Resistance during the Second World War.

The site has been designed to allow content to be searched easily using tags, people and events. HSB staff are able to easily scan, tag and administer all new material themselves using a custom-developed administration module.


Online ticketing system and web integration

Socialevent.dk, a Versio-developed online ticketing system, is used by organizations such as Studiebyen in Esbjerg to allow further education students to sign up for events. Event organizers are also able to publicize events via the digital platform. The ticketing system can also be integrated easily with websites as well as Facebook.

The system is designed according to SOA principles, i.e. a service-oriented architecture, where all components of the system can be integrated with the event organizer’s systems.

The fundamental concept of the system is simple integration with websites and Facebook, which can be administered without in-depth IT knowledge. Versio supports and owns socialevent.dk.


Custom-built, resource-saving website

Versio worked with Vestkystløbet’s organizers to develop their own website with stand booking system. The site is built on Drupal CMS, one of the world’s most widely used open-source content management systems. As well as serving as a source of information for Esbjerg’s popular annual running event, exhibitors at the event can also book and administer stands directly on the website.

By designing the reservation module from the ground up, the effort required to administer this part of the site has reduced from many hours over the course of a year to mere minutes.