IT systems designed for the customer

System Development

Customized, flexible and future-proof solutions

At Versio, we develop systems that are tailored to the needs of our customers. We have extensive experience in the development of systems, including solutions for the Internet as well as internal solutions for businesses and organizations.

We keep pace with the latest technologies within our field, and we provide our customers with professional, high-quality consultancy services.

We are flexible in terms of technology and existing IT systems, and we work closely with our customers to develop the best solution using the right technology to suit your existing IT setup.

Our approach to development is creative and dynamic, focusing on the development of the right solution for our customers’ business processes, procedures and IT systems.

Cloud Infrastructure

Resource-saving, scalable systems

One of our key strengths is the development of solutions for the cloud.

Cloud Infrastructure encompasses a range of technologies and services that deliver functional IT solutions in the cloud, such as auto scaling, load balancing, e-mail gateways and backup.

There are many benefits to Cloud Infrastructure, including scalability, stability and cost.

As a Cloud Infrastructure customer, you don’t need a large IT setup. Our systems can be designed to scale depending on load, for example with sudden increases in traffic. You pay only for the resources your company uses… and there are no large start-up costs.

Versio provides consultancy services, development and setup of systems that fully utilize cloud services.

Cloud HPC

Large computing power, low cost

High Performance Computing is not limited to companies with large, advanced super computers. Large computations and processing tasks can now be performed in the cloud.

For years, we have been helping companies set up and execute large, cloud-based computations.

If you carry out relatively few but large computations, analyses or simulations, the benefits of Cloud HPC are clear. With Cloud HPC, there’s no need to invest in your own high-cost server hardware… it’s all done in the cloud.

Our experience ranges from small, simple setups to clusters with over 10,000 CPU cores and 130 terabytes of RAM.


Preliminary analysis

We analyze the customer’s needs, challenges, and ideas for the new system, after which we discuss potential solutions that will fit the customer’s business processes, procedures, and existing IT systems.

Idea development

We work closely with the customer to develop ideas and define an approach that will deliver a lasting solution. We then create a short requirements specification, which can be fine-tuned during the iterative development process.


To align goals and expectations, we develop either a prototype or presentation (mock-up), which gives the customer an impression of the content and functionality of the final solution.


We involve the customer throughout the design and development process, which is essential for a successful end product.


We play an active role in the setup and implementation of the final system at the customer site, and we offer introductory courses and training for key staff.

Further development

Once the system has been implemented, we are always ready to accommodate requests from our customers for additional functionality, increased capacity, etc.

Nikolaj Westergaard

Nikolaj Westergaard

Software Developer & Owner

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Tel: +45 35 109 199

Spinderigade 11e
7100 Vejle

VAT: DK 33 499 299

Versio ApS

Versio ApS was founded by Nikolaj Westergaard in 2011.

Nikolaj creates solutions within system development, cloud computing and infrastructure for companies, organizations, associations, and more.

In-depth knowledge of: Java, SOA, Node JS, Web Services (RESTful and WS-* Standards), SQL, Graph Databases, Cloud Computing, Linux and PHP.

Experience gained as a software developer in companies within IT development, the pharmaceutical industry, webshops (e-business) and wind energy.

Design/development projects include systems for data collection, monitoring and fault-finding of wind turbines, transport tracking and temperature monitoring; databases for travel guides and recruitment; ERP, project and case management within fish farming; customer processing and CRM; EDI management; and control of industrial scales with data collection and integration with other systems.

Versio partners with a network of specialists within IT, and brings together the resources needed to meet the task in hand–whatever the scope and complexity.